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29th July 2012

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hey here’s a thought

what if Jess was pregnant 

and Sam never knew

#hahahahaha #i hate myself #what if she made the cookies and everything to warm him up #because she was going to tell him the night he came back #fuck everything

i h8 u

 #wow this is actually the worst thing in existence #she was taking a shower to calm her nerves #even though she knew how happy Sam would be #she knew his face would light up with that amazing puppy dog grin of his #and he’d probably pick her up and spin her around #and then immediately put her down and stress about if he’s hurting the baby #and she would laugh and tell him to stop being crazy she’s fine #and you know he’d start talking to her stomach from day one #and he’d read all the books #and sometimes they might fight #and stress about him going to law school while they have a new born #but they’d work together to make it work #and if things hadn’t gone down the way they did #maybe Sam would have called his brother #to proudly say #’You have a niece’ #and Dean would be shocked and pleased and say ‘Didn’t know you had it in you Sammy’ #and Sam would laugh and tell him ‘Just come meet the newest member of your family jerk’ #and Dean would say with a smile in his voice #’See you soon bitch’ (via timeywimeyimpala)

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